The Initial Ban on all Flights from China, South Korea, Iran, Italy and Spain is being Extended until April 12

The initial ban on all flights from China, South Korea, Iran, Italy and Spain is being extended until April 12, with the exception of those authorized by DG CAA, according to MTITC.

The Bulgarian side may seek alternative measures, including, if necessary, additional flights to Italy and Spain, for the transportation of Bulgarian citizens who would like to return to Bulgaria. All arriving passengers / Bulgarian citizens and foreigners / from these countries are subject to the 14-day quarantine, the order states.

The ban was notified to all air carriers with a valid Community operating license carrying passengers, cargo and mail from / to the territory of Bulgaria, to the Air Traffic Police, all airports for public use in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, and was published on the website DG CAA: There are no restrictions on cargo flights, including mail, for the performance of public flights, humanitarian flights and emergency medical services, as well as landings for technical reasons at aircraft at airports orator Bulgaria, specify your site from MTITC.

The MTITC recalls the measures included in DG CAA's "Flight Safety Bulletin" to implement mandatory minimum anti-epidemic measures by all air carriers, cabin crews, airport operators, ground operators and aircraft maintenance organizations.

These include only passengers with a valid ticket at the airport terminals, with a minimum distance of 1 meter between departing passengers at the terminal.

Important are the requirements - passengers must be present at the processing terminal at least 2 hours before departure; Airport and ground handling personnel should be provided with protective medical equipment (masks, gloves); compulsory separation and escort of passengers...

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