New 44 confirmed coronavirus cases in Serbia, with 3 more deaths today

Three more have died, according to the latest report.
There are 62 patients on the respirator.
The number of positive cases is declining, but according to Dr Predrag Kon, we must not relax.
"Of course it's good news, but I dare not say it's a reliable sign since it's only two days away, it would be ideal to continue", Dr Kon said.
The situation in Serbia is better than in this period - on the 25th day in Italy.
"It's already been the fourth week, and I can say with moderate optimism that it's not bad," says Dr Kon concluded.
Most patients are in the age group 25-55, especially in Belgrade. Dr Kon also states that so far, 9 men and 7 women have died, with a 2.04 percent mortality rate.
When asked how he commented on pay cuts for medical professionals in isolation, Dr Kon stated that he should not comment on it.
"If exposure occurred in the workplace, it is certain that there can be no reduction in pay," adds Dr Darija Kisic Tepavcevic, but explains that it all depends on individual cases.
"Everyone has to be careful, it's a new virus, we don't have collective immunity," Dr Ivana Milosevic said, adding that obesity is one of the risk factors.

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