Emergency stipend for wage earners to be deposited by April 10

The government hopes to deposit an emergency stipend of 800 euros for workers at businesses that have suspended their employment contracts as a result of coronavirus lockdown measures by April 10, which also marks the new extended deadline for applications on the Ergani database. According to official figures, 300,000 businesses had submitted applications by Monday for 410,000 employees who are currently out of work.

Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis has also said that more businesses will be able to apply for relief, whether they have been shut down on the orders of the government or have sustained heavy losses as a result of the lockdown. Information on which businesses this applies to, as well as on the documents required to apply for the funding, are available on Ergani.

Businesses that are to receive relief will do so on the condition that they do not cut jobs.


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