Romania COVID-19 death toll reaches 107

Another 13 people infected with the new type of coronavirus have died in Romania, with the number of deceased from this cause reaching 107, informs the Strategic Communication Group on Thursday. These are 11 men between the ages of 42 and 87 and two women - one 68 years old from Hunedoara and another 54 years old from Arad. * Death 95 - man, 75 years old, from Bucharest. Harvested for COVID-19 on March 26, confirmed on March 27, when he is admitted to V. Babes Hospital. Date of death - April 1. Comorbidities: renal transplant, chronic renal failure - dialysis, HTA, type II diabetes. * Death 96 - man, 72 years old, from Bucharest. The samples for COVID-19 were collected on March 26, when the patient was admitted to the Victor Babes Bucharest Hospital, confirmed on March 26. Date of death - April 2. Comorbidities: chronic renal failure - dialysis, high blood pressure. * Death 97 - man, 42 years old, Teleorman County, hospitalized on March 30 in Rosiori de Vede Municipal Hospital where diagnostic samples were collected. The patient returned with the family from the UK on March 29 and was symptomatic. On March 30, he was transferred to Victor Babes Hospital in Bucharest. Confirmed on April 1. Died on April 2. Comorbidities: diabetes, kidney disease, obesity. * Death 98 - man, 87 years old, Bistrita Nasaud County. Admitted in March in the Infectious Diseases Ward of Bistrita Hospital with diagnosis of bronchopneumonia (clinical and radiological), acute respiratory failure, suspect COVID-19. Harvested for COVID-19 on 31.03.2020. Positive result in 1.04.2020. Died on 1.04.2020. Comorbidities: ischemic heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic dementia, generalized atherosclerosis, chronic kidney disease std IV. * Death 99 - man, 67 years old, Bacau county. Boarded with severe acute respiratory syndrome on 27.03.2020 in the Hospital of Onesti. Harvested on 27.03.2020 for COVID-19, positive result on 28.03.2020. Transfer to ICU Infectious Diseases Bacau on 29.03.2020. Died on 2.04.2020. Comorbidities: chronic alcoholism, mental disorders, dementia. * Death 100 - man, 56 years, Dambovita county. This case is part of the outbreak of the private clinic where dialysis procedures are performed, contact with another positive case. He was investigated for COVID -19 on 25.03.2020 and confirmed on 26.03.2020. Admitted to Targoviste County Hospital - Infectious Diseases. Died on 2.04.2020. Comorbidities: chronic renal failure - dialysis, myocarditis. * Death 101 - woman, 68 years old, Hunedoara County. Hospitalized in Petrosani Hospital with the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction, burns II / III, on 30.03.2020. Samples for COVID-19 were collected on the same day. Confirmed on 2.04.2020. Died on 1.04.2020. * Death 102 - man, 83 years old, Suceava County. Patient admitted to the Internal Medicine Section of Suceava County Hospital from 14.03.2020 with the diagnosis of cerebral infarction, hemiplegia, atrial fibrillation, chronic ischemic cardiopathy, high blood pressure. COVID-19 sample collection on 25.03.2020, confirmed on 31.03.2020, deceased on 1.04.2020. * Death 103 - man, 77 years old, Arad County. Boarded in the Department of Pneumophysiology, Arad Emergency Hospital. Died on 26.03.2020. He was confirmed on 30.03.2020. Comorbidities: type II diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic renal failure. * Death 104 - woman, 54 years old, Arad County. Admitted to Arad Hospital's ICU on 28.03.2020 with acute respiratory failure, bilateral bronchopneumonia. Harvested for COVID-19 on 28.03.2020. Confirmed on 30.03.2020. Died on 30.03.2020. Comorbidities: high blood pressure. * Death 105 - man, 59 years old, Ilfov County. He is part of the patients on dialysis at the private clinic in Bucharest, who has been in contact with another positive case. He was investigated on 25.03.2020 and confirmed for COVID -19 on 26.03.2020. Admitted on 27.03.2020 to Matei Bals Hosital, in ICU since 29.03. 2020. Died on 2.04.2020. Comorbidities: chronic renal failure - dialysis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease. * Death 106 - man, 61 years old, Arad County. Admitted to Arad Hospital's ICU on 25.03.2020, with acute respiratory failure, collected for COVID-19 on 25.03.2020, confirmed on 27.03.2020, passed away on 29.03.2020. Comorbidities: type II diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic renal failure. * Death 107 - man, 81 years old, Bistrita county Nasaud. Admitted to Bistrita Hospital's ICU with severe acute respiratory failure, bronchopneumonia, intubated and mechanically ventilated, harvested for COVID-19, on 31.03.2020, confirmed on 2.04.2020, deceased on 2.04.2020. Comorbidities: insulin-dependent diabetes, right leg amputation. AGERPRES (RO - author: Roberto Stan, editor: Georgiana Tănăsescu; EN - author: Bogdan Gabaroi, editor: Maria Voican)

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