Two more deaths: First coronavirus victim in Srem, second person from Pirot district

The information was confirmed to "Novosti" by Branislav Nedimovic, a member of the Republic Crisis Staff in the fight against COVID-19, who on this occasion expressed condolences to his family.
A 60-year-old man who lived in Satrinci was transferred to the KCV in Novi Sad last week after his health condition deteoriated, but unfortunately, despite all the efforts of the doctors, he lost the battle.
"He first got a high fever that didn't go down for a couple of days. They tested him an he was positive for COVID-19. All the while, he was in house isolation, the police visited him, now they do the same with the members of his family. They are in Belgrade", a woman from this village, who is also quarantined with her family, told "Novosti" a few days ago.
Several other families who have been in contact with the man who have been confirmed to have the coronavirus are in house isolation.
According to Nedimovic, there are currently 19 infected persons from the coronavirus in the Srem area, in the last two days all tested persons were negative.

In the Pirot district, one coronavirus-related death

Epidemiologist of the Pirot Institute of Public Health Radmila Zec said today that one COVID-19 death was confirmed in the Pirot district.
"Of the nine samples from the Pirot district, three are positive for the coronavirus", Zec said.
According to her, in the last two days the testing of samples from the territory covered by the institute has started again.
"16 patients were registered, about thirty people, mostly family members, were put under medical supervision. Of the three confirmed cases of coronavirus disease, two were from Pirot and one from Babusnica," Zec said.
According to her, instead of the Torlak...

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