Vucic: Dozens of soldiers from the 1st Brigade infected; Tough night passed by VIDEO

Vucic said that dozens of soldiers from the 1st Brigade were infected and that those were the soldiers who organized the quarantine in Morovic and Palic. He pointed out that they had suffered a major blow and we are grateful to them for that.
He pointed out that it was a difficult night for us and that doctors would give information at a press conference. "We have many difficult days ahead and many are not aware of it," Vucic said.
He added that only Serbia and Romania faced with so many newcomers from abroad.
"Only us and Romanians in the region had this influx of people from abroad. All these are good people, it is not their fault that they found themselves in the hotspot of infection, but we had all the fatal consequences of those who came from Milan, Lugano", he said.

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