Divided villages’ residents want to know how to comply with ban due to outbreak

The residents of two villages that sit side-by-side but are under different provincial governances in the Black Sea region don't know how exactly they will comply with the bans on entrances and exits to each other's provinces, both metropolitan municipalities.

The village of Şenbolluk in Ordu province and Ambartepe village in Samsun province are only a stone's throw away from each other, but are under the governance of different municipalities, which are covered by a 15-day ban seeking the complete closure of their entrances and exits.

A seven-meter-wide road divides the two villages, with houses sitting on both ends.

Even the call to prayer from the mosques in both villages begin with a difference of two minutes and their landlines have different city codes.

The villagers have said they don't know where the line is, because if they step into a space that is considered to belong to the other province, they may face fines and accusations of violating the calls.

Ramazan Tınkır, the village head of Şentepe, said that the ban did not work in the settlement, while Turan Kışla, who is a tradesman in Ambartepe village, demands more information.

"We help our customers from Samsun, but our customers from Ordu are nervous. We are very confused now. In particular, we ask our authorities for help and information for this region," Kışla says.

On April 3, all entry and exit for 31 provinces were banned for the next 15 days, excluding deliveries of necessities, like food, medicine and cleaning supplies and logistics vehicles approved by the Interior Ministry.

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