Germany Urges Kosovo Politicians to Focus on COVID-19, Not Divisions

Q: Following the fall of the government last week, Kosovo is facing another political crisis at the same time as the coronavirus pandemic. What would be best for the EU to do for Kosovo right now?

A: Do exactly what the EU is doing now, coming with substantial support to Kosovo in this extremely challenging period facing the COVID-crisis. I very much welcome the immediate EU response with €5 million for medical equipment and redistributing IPA [pre-accession] funds to face the further socio-economic consequences of the pandemic. All this amounts up to staggering €68 million, which to my astonishment passed almost unnoticed here. And member states like us also gear up in this direction, against the backdrop of severe crises in all our home countries and continuous EU-bashing from certain parts here. But we as Europeans will continue to stand by the people of Kosovo and try to give hope with our support.

As for the political situation, it is first and foremost the duty of those bearing political responsibility in this country to sort out the situation.

Q: The fall of the government is being seen by some in Kosovo as the result of a clash between the EU and the US over the format of the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue and the suggested partition of Kosovo as the basis of a potential agreement.

A: It's easy to have the reflex of always laying bad news on the shoulders of the international community. Politicians should instead show themselves accountable for their deeds: All those who have been elected here on October 6 last year were entrusted with a will of voters, the citizens of Kosovo as sovereign. So they cannot delegate their responsibility...

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