Three more deaths in Serbia; "We will reach peak now, next 10 days are crucial" VIDEO

The new victims are two men and one woman, epidemiologist Dr Darija Kisic Tepavcevic said.
"We must not give up now. We have to put all our efforts in this joint fight against the epidemic," Dr Kisic Tepavcevic said. "In the last three days, we have reached peak of the infection, which will last another ten days", epidemiologist Predrag Kon.
He pointed out that in the coming weeks the virus will be active and that contacts should be minimized. "Isolation is paramount, including all the measures we have put in place so far," Kon said.
He added that 104 people were temporarily in the hospital at the Belgrade Fair, 64 in the "Cair" Sports Hall in Nis, and 38 in the Novi Sad Hospital.
"The information on the situation in hospitals is easily verifiable. Presently, it is unnecessary to waste our strength to prove that some information is incorrect," Dr Kisic Tepavcevic explained.
"Journalists are the ones who do their jobs professionally and convey the news they get. Personally, I find that they do the best they know, as we do the best we know. How accurate the news are depends on the source of that information," Dr Kon concluded.

Printskirn: TV B92

When it comes to infected people at the Dedinje Institute, 61 workers do not have any symptoms, but they will also be removed from work because it is necessary. "Those who do not have symptoms could not transmit the virus so easily, but if we know that they are positive, they must be kept away from the patients. It will be difficult, but the hospital must continue to operate, with reduced teams," Kon explained.
"There will only be emergencies, and it will happen in other hospitals, if that happens at Dedinje Hospital," Kon added.
"It is not unexpected that medical professionals...

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