78% of Bulgarians are Ready to Sacrifice some of their Human Rights to Deal with the Coronavirus

The government's response to the virus continues to be praised. However, concerns about jobs continue to grow. Bulgarians take the threat of infection more seriously, but they remain reluctant to exaggerate its significance.

The conclusions are from an independent express Gallup International survey, held on April 6 and 7, among 901 adult Bulgarian citizens. A special panel methodology was used to ensure maximum data representation - in combination of telephone and SMS surveys.

Power and economy

77% of the Bulgarians say that this country's government is coping well with the Covid-19 crisis and 22% of the respondents voiced the opposite opinion. Nearly a month ago, just before the state of emergency, asked the same question, 60% of the respondents found the government's actions good or very good, 37% disagreed or were even shared an extremely negative opinion. Ten days after the introduction of the state of emergency, another Gallup International survey has already shown more than 70% situational approval of the authorities' actions.

However, the potential social and economic problems are deepening. 22% of the Bulgarians say they have lost part of their incomes, the latest survey further reads. 14% of the respondents say they were temporarily suspended from work and 8% of the Bulgarians say they are working less hours. 9% of the respondents answered that they lost their jobs. This is a significant increase over the previous two weeks - at the end of March, those who declared they lost their jobs were 3%, a week later they were 6%. Even though respondents' declarations are not sufficiently accurate or contain more scares, nearly one-tenth of the adult population clearly finds that they have lost a major source of income. And that share...

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