Why Are Some Men Hairier than Others?

When it comes to hairiness, you may have noticed that some men are considerably hairier than others. Of course, there are some men that get rid of their body and facial hair and some that actively encourage hair growth, so this makes a difference. However, there are also other reasons why some men are much hairier than others.

Of course, you have to remember that the reason behind increased hairiness in men could be down to very different reasons. For instance, some men may be hairier due to medical issues and conditions, some down to hormone levels, and some simply because they choose to be. In this article, we will look a little more closely at these possibilities.

Some of the Key Reasons

Women have different opinions about hairy male bodies, and while some women love them and find them to be extra-masculine, others do not like overly hairy men at all. Men can start developing hair at a much earlier age than women because of their higher level of testosterone, so many embrace their hair from early on in life. So, let's take a closer look at some of the reasons why some men are hairier than others:

Medical Reasons

There are certain medical reasons why some men may be hairier than others, so if you are worried about your excessive hair and unsure as to why it is there, it is worth getting it investigated. For instance, issues such as hormonal imbalance, adrenal gland problems, and conditions such as Cushing's Syndrome can all lead to excess hair growth. In addition, there are certain medications that can result in increased body hair growth, so you may also need to consider the medications you are taking.


Hormones can also play a big part in hairiness...

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