Turkish Red Crescent aids Greek Orthodox minority

The Turkish Red Crescent delivered 100 food packages to an Istanbul church as part of measures to combat the novel coronavirus, the aid agency said on April 30. 

Altimermer Greek Orthodox Church in Istanbul's historic Fatih district received the supplies of basic necessities that will be distributed to the city's Greek Orthodox minority community.

Red Crescent board member Ercan Tan said the packages contain hygiene as well as food and the aid group will continue operations around the world.

Stelyo Gülgün, the head of Altimermer Greek Orthodox Church Foundation thanked the Red Crescent for the supplies and said: "We have always seen your support."

Senior pastor Yorgo Kasapoğlu said the church has collaborated with the Red Crescent for the last five years and the supplies will be sent to those older than 65 who are prevented from leaving their homes because of the coronavirus measures.


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