Intersection of the situation in the region - Serbia tested by far the most people

However, epidemiologists continue to warn about mandatory self-protection measures.
In Montenegro, one new case was registered today, with a total of 323, while 249 recovered, according to the Institute of Public Health.
Starting today, new, milder measures to prevent the spread of contagion are coming into force in this country, so craft shops and services, public transport will start to operate.
State Secretary at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism Damir Davidovic announced the possibility of opening all catering facilities on May 18, which will operate under specific conditions.
In a closed public space in Montenegro, it is prescribed to wear a mask, or a scarf over the nose and mouth, a measure announced by the Public Health Institute.
The number of infected persons in Bosnia-Herzegovina exceeded 1.900, 825 were recovered, while 78 patients died.
A total of 2.096 coronavirus-infected individuals have been confirmed in Croatia since yesterday's intersection, since the outbreak. 1.489 people were recovered and a total of 38.084 samples were tested.
Croatia has today entered a second phase of a relaxed measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus. It envisages reactivation of the health system and the start of activities in which close contact is made, such as hairdressing and beauty salons.
According to the latest available information, the number of new coronavirus infected in Slovenia has increased to 1.439.
94 people died from the virus COVID-19, and a total of 55.020 people have been tested so far.
From today, many activities will be launched, catering facilities will be opened, shops less than 400 square meters...

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