Tiodorovic: We will not live as we did before the epidemic for a long period of time

He stated that two measures are crucial - wearing the protective equipment in society and keeping a distance, and in the new conditions, they need to add physical activity and stay in the fresh air.
According to him, it is good that the parks as well as the areas along the river are open, because fresh air and walking are necessary for everyone, especially after isolation.
It is also good, he said, that people are slowly returning to their jobs, but it is imperative that they physically distance themselves from each other at all times and wear protection.
"The numbers are optimistic, but we must not allow them to deceive us, to relax and act as if everything was as before. It will not be the same as it was when we lived before the epidemic," Tiodorovic said.
He also said that when walking in the open air, by the river, if a man is alone, he can take off his mask to breathe in, but if anyone approaches, we have to put on the mask.

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