Sunny and Warm - Temperatures Rise up to 32°

Today will be mostly sunny. After noon from the west the clouds will start to increase again. In Eastern Bulgariat the wind will be light to moderate. It will be warm with maximum temperatures between 27 ° and 32 °, lower along the coast, according to the NIMH forecast. 

Atmospheric pressure will continue to fall and will be significantly lower than the average for May. 

It will be mostly sunny over the mountains. A strong on the ridges and temporarily stormy wind from west-southwest will blow. 

It will be mostly sunny over the Black Sea coast. It will blow a moderate wind from the south-southeast. Maximum air temperatures will be lower than inland - between 19 ° and 26 °. The temperature of the sea water is 15 °. The sea waves will be about 2 points.  

On 11.05.2020 the sun will rise at 06:09 and set at 20:37. The day lasts 14:27 hours.

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