Was Putin wrong?

And that country has become the second fastest in the spread of the infection, the American Foreign Policy writes.
While China believes that its global reputation has been severely damaged due to the new coronavirus pandemic, the United States continues to record thousands of new cases every day and watches as China and European countries begin to lift restrictions on their residents.
Was Putin wrong? Like many of his colleagues at the start of the pandemic, Russian President Vladimir Putin may have underestimated how badly his country could fare.
"The situation as a whole is under control. Russia looks much better compared to other countries," Putin said on March 18, as FP recalls.
Since then, the number of coronavirus cases has been steadily rising.
However, despite such a large number of cases, the number of deaths is surprisingly low compared to other countries with a similar number of infected, and it is assumed that this is due to the Russian method of classification, because for example, in the US if a patient who is positive for coronavirus dies, he is thought to have died from the virus and not from another disease.
In Russia, the cause of death must be directly linked to the virus, such as lung failure, in order to be placed on the official list of deaths caused by COVID-19.
"I think Russia is counting correctly, while others like Italy, Belgium and the United States are exaggerating," Dr Andrei Chernyaev, who helped the Moscow Health Organization draw up rules for classifying coronavirus mortality rate said.
The response to the coronavirus did not help Putin, who was planning his next term before the outbreak of the pandemic.
Although Putin still has high support, it is at the lowest level since 20...

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