The Spread of Coronavirus in Houston, Tx

What is the truth about this pandemic? Are the politicians being honest about this virus? No one really knows whats going to happen in the future unless a vaccine is produced soon. The vaccine will be the ultimate hammer to give the world peace of mind of this disease. Modern medical science has not been tested this aggressively since the epidemic of the AIDS virus.

In the meantime, people need to adjust the way they live until the situation gets better with the virus. Houston, Tx, now has an estimated 8,000 people infected with the coronavirus. Lots of irreversible economic damage has already been done to the city of Houston. Many businesses have closed down, and many are barely staying afloat. In the meantime we need to learn how to co-exist with this deadly virus.

There are reports that the virus can spread through air droplets coming from HVAC air ducts. We must protect the air that we breathe, the easiest way to do that is to clean out your air conditioner. The first part that needs to be chemically cleaned is your evaporator coil. The cooling coil is located in your air handler, or in the box coil near your furnace.

You can have the coils cleaned in place or have an ac repair houston contractor professionally remove them for you. You only want to remove your coils if your fins are extremely dirty. Cleaning your coils in place, is a very messy job, so most people have them removed and cleaned outside. After you have your HVAC system cleaned, you want to purchase a HEPA filter. These filters can help prevent the spread of coronavirus in your home. They are also good for capturing bacteria, dust, & pollen. Diluting your home with fresh warm & humid outdoor is also important. The virus does not do well in hot temperatures.

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