Warmer Today - up to 28° are Expected in Bulgaria

Today will be mostly sunny, with temporary increases in cloudiness mainly over the mountains; the precipitation is unlikely. A light to moderate wind will blow. The maximum temperatures will be between 23 and 28 degrees, according to the NIMH forecast.

Atmospheric pressure will be higher than the average for the month; during the day it will decrease slightly. 

Sunny weather will prevail over the mountains, with more clouds over the massifs of Central and Eastern Bulgaria. A moderate southwest wind will blow, in the high and open parts - a strong westerly wind. The maximum temperature at 1200 meters will be about 18 degrees, at 2000 meters - about 11.  

At the Black Sea coast sunny weather is expected, with more significant clouds over the southern regions. No precipitation. The wind will be moderate, in the morning from the northeast, and by the evening it will gradually orient from the southeast. It will be cooler, with maximum temperatures between 14 and 17 degrees, close to the sea water temperature. The sea waves will be 2-3 points.


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