Restrictions an endurance test for elderly people

The elderly and pensioners in Greece are accustomed to a life of sacrifice, having served as a bedrock for their families and the country during difficult times.

During the recent economic crisis, they saw their pensions slashed and had to suffer the humiliation of being accused by former socialist politician Theodoros Pangalos of being complicit in the country's financial demise.

They used their meager pensions to prop up their children and grandchildren, they saw their savings evaporate and they put on a brave face or cried over their new difficulties. And now, just as they thought the country had found its feet, the coronavirus pandemic has dealt it a fresh blow.

"This Easter I spent the holiday alone for the first time. We always used to meet up with my daughters and their families. This year, we said we would stay apart, as a precaution. I miss my...

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