Military Medical Academy with a New Home Monitoring System for Patients

Bulgaria is becoming the first country in the world with a system for monitoring the vital parameters of patients with COVID-19 at home

The Military Medical Academy now has its own system for monitoring patients at home. It is developed by the Bulgarian IoT company Allterco Robotics and is an innovative oximeter for monitoring vital parameters.

The device has already successfully passed tests in the leading medical institution in the country, and is currently being tested in hospitals in Italy and the United States. The first 50 units for general use were delivered to the Military Medical Academy, and the IoT company plans to provide a total of 500 oximeters free of charge for monitoring patients in Bulgarian hospitals.

The partner for the home tracking program is SatHealth - a Bulgarian company developing solutions and consultations in the field of healthcare. They will take care of monitoring and liaising with patients under home supervision. Thanks to this new system by Allterco Robotics and SatHealth, Bulgaria becomes the first and only country in the world where doctors will be able to monitor the vital parameters of patients with COVID-19 at home.

In case of deterioration of the indicators, the medics will be able to react in a short time and the patient will be admitted for hospital treatment in time.

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