Supermarkets' changing roles

In the 10 weeks up to May 3 - i.e. from the time the first coronavirus cases were announced in Greece up to just before the end of the lockdown - turnover at supermarkets in Greece reached a remarkable 1.5 billion euros.

Such high sales for the sector in such a short period of time were not only due to consumers stocking up on the basics in terms of food, cleaning products and personal hygiene items at the start of the crisis, but also thanks to the miscellaneous category of products including books, apparel, electrical appliances, toys and items related to gardening and home improvements that saw a rise in purchases during a period when all other retail businesses remained closed.

In other words, in the first few weeks of the lockdown supermarkets served as sources for supplies of food and other basic commodities and then obtained a supplementary role, that of other...

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