Trump says Turkey still making F-35 parts, but may be cut from program

US President Donald Trump on Thursday hinted that he may sever an agreement with Turkey for the F-35 program and move production for all components of the fighter jet to the United States.

"The problem is if we have a problem with a country, you can't make the jet. We get parts from all over the place. It's so crazy. We should make everything in the United States," Trump told Fox News on Thursday, saying that if US relation with Turkey were to collapse, Turkey could withhold delivery of key parts.

Asked whether transferring production to the US in full would be possible, Trump said: "Yeah, we're doing it because I'm changing all those policies."

The US president also confirmed that Turkey continues to produce key components of the jet even though its participation in the program was to be "wound down" by March after the US last year objected to Ankara's...

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