Turkish video game app sits atop list in US

Turkish developers celebrated success on May 15 after Repair Master 3D was ranked first on a list of top-playing video game apps in the U.S.

Quok Games, a team of Middle East Technical Universities' (METU) Technopolis Animation Technologies, and Game Development Center began developing the game in 2018.

Burak Güneş Özgüney, the founder of Quok Games, told Anadolu Agency his team had humble beginnings with just three members when it started.

Özgüney said it worked on more than 30 games. "Some of these had potential. Two were also released but none have reached the level of the current game and now our team is four people," he said.

"In the game, the player faces broken devices such as phones and laptops. Here the player repairs these tools with simple mechanics.

"The gamer sometimes changes broken glasses or removes rust but because there are new mechanics every time the player does not get bored easily by the game," he said.

Özgüney said the game moved quickly to the top spot and has been there for five days.

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