PPC Renewables proceeds with solar parks

The process for the construction of the first photovoltaic park in Kozani, northwestern Greece, has entered the final stretch. Its capacity will be 15 megawatts and it forms part of a mega-project of 230 MW in the area.

Public Power Corporation subsidiary PPC Renewables has completed the tender procedure for the concession and construction of the first unit of 15 MW in the record time of 90 days. This serves as a sign of credibility for the market that is necessary for the implementation of the company's ambitious investment plan, given the time PPC tenders used to require for the construction of new projects.

Four companies took part in this first tender for the project budgeted at about 10 million euros. Sources say the preferred bidder appears to be METKA, while the project's construction will probably begin in July. In the tender for the second photovoltaic unit,...

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