Clustering on first day of phase two 'not ideal', expert said

Four new coronavirus cases emerged on Friday from a bulk of 1,970 samples tested for the virus, the Health Ministry's daily briefing announced.

Two of the new cases were discovered after 380 samples were collected in the framework of the round of 10,000 tests targeting hair salons, barbershops, beauty salons, tattoo parlours, and food and drink businesses. The two cases involved members of staff of a food and beverage business, which had not resumed operation.

The third case was discovered from the round of 20,000 tests targeting students and school teachers. The Education Minister is expected to issue further details on this new case.

The remaining case emerged after 171 samples taken from members of staff of microbiology labs at General Hospitals were checked for the virus.

On Thursday, Cyprus plunged into the second phase of the relaxation of...

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