The payment of 100 euros starts tomorrow, four million people have applied

Money will be paid into the accounts of about half a million citizens daily, and with that dynamics, it is expected that all payments for those who applied for help will be completed by June 1-2.
The application deadline is June 5, and for those who apply on the last day, the money will be paid into bank accounts by June 7.
First, the payment of this financial aid started for pensioners on May 15, and for about 160.000 users of financial and social assistance on May 21.
On April 24, the Government of Serbia adopted a decree on the payment of 100 euros to all adult citizens of our country with permanent residence in Serbia and a valid ID card.
A total of four million citizens of Serbia applied for a one-time financial aid of 100 euros as of yesterday, i.e. in the last ten days, the Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali said.
"The payment will start tomorrow, Monday, May 25, by paying money daily for about half a million citizens of Serbia. Previously, funds were paid for about 1.7 million recipients of pensions and for about 160.000 thousand beneficiaries of financial social assistance. Registration lasts until June 5, and you can apply through the portal of the Treasury Administration - at the web address or through the contact center on the phone number 0800 101 100", Mali stated on his Instagram profile.

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Ukupno 4 miliona gradjana Srbije prijavilo se za jednokratnu novčanu pomoć od 100 evra zaključno sa jučerašnjim danom, odnosno u poslednjih deset dana. Isplata će početi sutra, u ponedeljak 25. maja, tako što ćemo dnevno isplaćivati novac za oko pola miliona gradjana Srbije. Prethodno su isplaćena sredstva za oko 1,7 miliona primaoca penzija i za oko 160.000...

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