Loncar: We have proved that we are a serious state

Loncar told "Happy" TV that this scenario was avoided thanks to the good cooperation of the health system with the authorities, and that what was promised to the citizens at the beginning of the epidemic was realized, that they will fight for every life and have as few deaths as possible.
"We promised to fight for our lives. It was not easy to do all this, we showed that we are a serious state. The health care system is closed and we were very lucky to establish an excellent cooperation with the President", Loncar said.
Loncar also said that the health system would not stand a chance in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic if a large number of health facilities had not been built or renovated in the previous period.
According to him, the problem with the coronavirus epidemic is not over.
"This problem is not over, the world has changed, we will not be able to talk about some other things without dealing with viruses and bacteria and other things that only doctors understand," Loncar said.
Loncar said that the advice of Chinese experts were of immeasurable help in the fight against the coronavirus.
"We had dilemmas regarding quarantine, isolation. Their opinions and experience made it much easier for us to make decisions. This does not diminish the role of our epidemiologists and infectologists who have made an immeasurable contribution with their know-how, experience and knowledge of our mindset and health system", Loncar said.

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