Most Greeks to turn backs on restaurants

As the food service sector reopened for business this week following over two months with its shutters down, a consumer survey found that two-thirds of consumers do not intend to visit any restaurants this year, while almost a third of Greeks will not be going on holiday this year.

The results of a survey by the Research Institute of Retail Consumer Goods (IELKA) show that tavernas and restaurants will have a hard time recouping the losses they incurred in the period from March 14 to May 24 when they had to stay closed upon government order.

Half of the 1,050 people who participated in the survey said they do not intend to visit a restaurant this year, given fears about the spread of the coronavirus, and another 17% went as far as saying they do not want to go to a restaurant ever again. Only 33% of respondents expressed the intention to go out to eat at some point...

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