Travel Quarantine Rules in Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Spain, France and other Countries

Countries around the world have used quarantine measures to prevent infected travellers spreading coronavirus within their borders.

With infection rates now falling in countries which have suffered thousands of deaths from Covid-19 many of those travel restrictions are set to be lifted, just as Britain is planning to impose its own 14-day quarantine on overseas visitors.



Spain has confirmed it's lifting the 14-day quarantine rule for foreign tourists in July.

Minister for the Exterior, Arancha González Laya has confirmed the news Brits have been waiting for on her personal Twitter site just an hour ago, with a messages in Spanish, English and French.

She posted: "The worst is behind us. In JULY we will;

* gradually open to international tourists

* lift the quarantine️

* ensure the highest standards of health safety

We look forward 2 welcoming you!
The announcement comes hours after Spain's tourism minister said that foreign tourists can book vacations in Spain from July.



"We are removing the 14-day quarantine for the arriving Bulgarian and foreign citizens from the European Union, including Serbia and Northern Macedonia.

However, for the eight countries in Europe with the highest number of COVID-19 patients, the imposition of a 14-day quarantine will remain, explained Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev from the headquarters.

These are Sweden, Great Britain, Belgium, Ireland, Malta, Italy, Portugal, Spain.


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