3,500 Tests for COVID-19 to Ensure the Safety on Bulgaria's South Black Sea Coast

3,500 people in the Burgas region will be tested for coronavirus in a large field study and the results will be used as a certificate, with which the Southern Black Sea coast will be advertised as a destination without COVID-19. They hope to attract more tourists this way. The initiative is of the Municipality of Burgas and the Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, together with the Medical Faculty at the University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov", RHI-Burgas. Today, representatives of the 13 municipalities met with the district governor and discussed the summer season in a pandemic.

The fact is that in the last 20 days (since May 13) in the Burgas region there is not a single registered case of coronavirus.

He announced that today a decision was made to make the first 2000 tests in the six maritime municipalities in the Burgas region.

"The test results will be used as a certificate for advertising in the region. When there is a real study behind a statement that it is safe here, then the advertisement has a completely different value and has a real coverage ", Dr. Pazderov, director of RHI-Burgas, announced. 

"The purpose of the large-scale study is to find the percentage of people in the population of the Burgas region who have already encountered the virus. How many of them have antibodies. People will be investigated at random, but the target groups include representatives of all age groups. More than half of them will be working - as service staff, hoteliers and restaurateurs, as well as representatives of the administration and doctors - those who will have most contact with incoming tourists, "said the director of RHI-Burgas.  

There are currently only four active patients in Burgas infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They are under home...

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