"From Belgrade to Novi Pazar in two hours and 20 minutes" VIDEO

Vucic visited the works on the construction of the Novi Pazar-Tutin road.
"We gave 4 million euros for the first phase. The construction works are starting and will not stop," he said.
He stated that different roads have been neglected for decades and that part of that has started to change.
"This route is of crucial importance along the Pazar-Sjenica road, where 43 kilometers remain, it will cost us 12 million euros," he said.
"All roads must be ready by the first snow, and here the snow comes early. That's not all, we want to do water supply and sewerage, so that people can see how much we care for them. We will also rehabilitate the Raska-Pazar road, it will be around 530 million dinars, and Belgrade will be reached from Novi Pazar in 2 hours and 20 minutes", President Vucic said.
Vucic told the contractor, the Turkish Tasjapi company, to speed up the works.
Earlier in the day, he visited the works on the construction of the road Karajukica Wells - Rasno, on Pester near Sjenica.
Vucic said that he had never gone that way before. "I didn't know how beautiful it is here and how many good people live here, and to what extent we had neglected this region", he said.
"I came here to say we will build roads here and everything you never dreamed of," he promised. The President pointed out that the Novi Pazar hospital is much better equipped today than before and stated that roads will be built, water supply, sewerage will be renovated...
"We will work on the road Novi Pazar - Ribarice, it will be 24 kilometers long, costing us 530 million dinars," he said.
He stated that the Novi Pazar-Raska road will also be reconstructed.
In the next period, as he said, a contract will be signed for the construction of...

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