Nearly 11 million lira worth of whale vomit seized in Turkey’s south

Security forces in the Mediterranean province of Mersin have seized 145 kilograms of whale vomit with a market value of 11 million Turkish Liras ($1.6 million).

Toroslar district police department teams took action upon notice that there was a whale vomit substance used in perfume production at a facility in the Çilek neighborhood.

In an operation, police seized a total of 145 kilograms of the whale vomit, 116 kilograms of which was black substance and 29 kilograms white.

Around 200 milliliters of ambergris fluid were also found, which was used to dissolve the whale vomit during the search.

Upon instructions by the public prosecutor, materials seized were delivered to the Mersin Customs Directorate.

Whale vomit is a rare and expensive wax that is produced as a secretion in the intestines of sperm whales to protect them from the sharp beaks of squid, which they eat, and is passed as vomit.

Called "floating gold," it can be found floating in tropical seas and is used as a fixative in the process of manufacturing perfumes, since it is slowest in evaporating.


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