No More Daily Briefings for COVID-19 in Bulgaria

The restrictions introduced in Bulgaria due to the coronavirus will probably be lifted on June 15. Wearing masks indoors will be a recommendation. For the time being, the 14-day quarantine for arrivals to Bulgaria from the 8 countries in the EU with high incidence of coronavirus is not expected to be lifted. The daily briefings of the National Coronavirus Task Force will no longer be held.

The Task Force will not provide data on the spread of the coronavirus at daily briefings at 8 am, but will continue to operate until the end of the year, Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said at the last daily briefing of the task force on June 4.

100 days after the establishment of the task force, Prime Minister Borissov said: " We did a great job in a very serious contagion and pandemic. Physical distancing, self-discipline and disinfection gave us the opportunity to prepare our hospitals, protective clothing, medicines."

He added that the patients diagnosed with Covid-19 in the country were treated with the most successful therapy in the world right from the very start of the epidemic.

I do not take credit, but what we did was a miracle, he added.

The Prime Minister announced that the daily briefings of the coronavirus task force are over.

Boyko Borissov, Prime Minister: Somehow this constant airing of the task force's briefings creates a feeling of anxiety. I repeat, we must learn to live with this virus. It has not subsided. We want to return to a normal life purely psychologically.

The next steps towards a normal lifestyle are expected in the middle of June.

All measures in the orders of the health minister should be lifted except the recommendation for personal hygiene, disinfection, keeping safe physical...

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