LabMin Alexandru: Funding source to increase children's allowance to be found at budgetary correction

The government will increase children's allowance if the law comes into force and the source of funding will be identified at the budget correction, which will take place within a month, the minister of Labour and Social Protection Violeta Alexandru on Thursday evening told the private television Digi24. "We wait for the piece of legislation to go to the President. When it comes into force, we will have very clearly the course of what is about to happen, but we are one month ahead of the time requested by us to make the appropriate assessment in order to identify resources. If the law comes into force, what other options would I have but to enforce it?! (...) I am trying to say that our approach is rational, based on the need to have a foundation and an indication of the budgetary source from which these increases are made. It's very easy, in conditions where several areas need growth, obviously children being a priority, it's easy to promise. It is normal to identify the source of the money and be able to make this expenditure based on the identified source. We wait for the correction, it is less than one month until the time of correction. When the amendment is made, the source of funding is identified," Violeta Alexandru said. The plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday rejected the Emergency Ordinance 2/2020, which extended the deadline for doubling the allowance of children to 1 August 2020. The Labour minister on Thursday called the PSD (Social Democratic Party, opposition, ed. n.)'s initiative rejecting the ordinance as populist and made it clear that the topic of increasing allocations was not discussed at Thursday's government meeting.AGERPRES(RO - author: George Coman, editor: Oana Tilica; EN - editor: Maria Voican)

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