Where and When We Will be Able to Travel for the Rest of 2020

Tourists from all over the world are already looking at the summer months in the hope that they will finally be able to fulfill the long-awaited vacation.

With a number of countries easing the measures and some of them opening their borders to foreigners as early as this month, expectations that summer 2020 may not be limited to visiting parks and gardens are rising again.

The Passport Index has tracked travel restrictions and compiled a list of individual countries, indicating which borders will be opened and when.

See where and when you will be able to travel for the rest of 2020:

The first countries ready to welcome visitors are Bahrain and Qatar, whose borders will open on June 10th.

On June 15, according to The Passport Index, tourists will be able to head to Greece, Germany and Austria. Switzerland and Japan will follow suit, along with several other countries, including Bulgaria

Denmark, Estonia, Ireland and South Korea will open their borders on June 22, and Australia, Sweden, Canada, Colombia and other countries will join them on July 1.

The countries, reopened for visits, will be joined by Britain, Israel, Morocco, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Russia by 15 July.

As of August 1, it will be possible for international tourists to visit Brazil, France, Spain, Italy, Egypt and Tunisia

The last country on the list is the United States,...

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