Erdoğan says Turkey, US ‘enter new era in Libya’

Turkey and the U.S. are approaching a new era in ties over the handling of the situation in Libya, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on June 8 after a phone conversation with the U.S. president.

"A new era can begin between Turkey and America on the process," in Libya, Erdoğan told the national broadcaster TRT. "We had reached some consensus in the conversation. We may take such a step," he added.

"They are also curious about the developments in Libya. He has confirmed the developments and that we are successful in Libya," the president stated.

He stressed that Turkey stands by Libya's U.N.-recognized government against the "putschist" Khalifa Haftar and those who support him.
Touting the strategic gains on the battlefield by Libya's army, which has retaken areas from Haftar, Erdoğan said Haftar will be excluded from any political solution in Libya.

Erdoğan also said he would speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the current developments in Libya, noting that he would raise the issue about Moscow's support to Haftar.

"I also need to talk to Mr. Putin. I will also talk to him. It was saddening us that France and Jordan were there. It was above all that Russia took place there. He [Putin] had a statement along the lines, 'I have no soldiers there,' but he has 19 aircraft there, which is the case. I have a thought as to what steps we can take and plan. At the moment, in my view, the developments show that Haftar can be thrown out of the process at any time," Erdoğan said.

He added that all of Haftar's power comes from Russia.

"Tarhuna region was important. It has been taken there. A corridor in the north, near Tunisia, came under the control of Sarraj, including Misrata. Now there are efforts to get...

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