June 9 International Archives Day: New Documents about Vasil Levski will be Released

June 9 is International Archives Day. The documents stored in archival institutions are of interest not only to historians, but are essential for our entire society. That is why it is not a coincidence that today we have chosen to share with you the news about the publication of a new collection of documents about the life and work of Vasil Levski.

The Ottoman Archives in Istanbul give access to hitherto unpublished documents about the Apostle and the revolutionary committees he set up.

The publication of new documentary materials about Vasil Levski and the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee (BRCC) is forthcoming. Famous Bulgarian historians such as Prof. Orlin Sabev, Prof. Plamen Mitev, researchers from the Republic of Turkey, museum specialists and archivists from Bulgaria are involved in the preparation of the collection and the translation of the documents.

The documentary collection "In the Footsteps of Levski and the BRCC" contains translations of hitherto unknown documents from the Ottoman Archives in Istanbul, which relate to the activities of the Apostle and the revolutionary committees he established.

The documents reveal information about the trial led by the Ottoman Empire against the participants in the conspiracy. The publication presents a new translation of the sultan's decrees approving the death sentences of Vasil Levski and Dimitar Obshti. Facsimiles of these documents are also published for the first time.

The newly discovered documents not only fill gaps in history, but also raise new questions. They are of interest to both professionals and the general readership.

The collection "In the Footsteps of Levski and BRCC" will be published by July 18, the birthday of Vasil Levski.

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