LabMin Alexandru: At pension houses, people will sit down, not stand, at the counter

Pensioners will not curl their backs at pension houses in Bucharest, because I understand to treat them with respect and for them I will take the number of recalculation dossiers to zero, said, on Tuesday, Labour Minister, Violeta Alexandru, at the debate of the simple motion against her in the Senate. "In pension houses in Bucharest there's civilized sitting, sitting on chairs, the same as the clerks. I will do the same thing in the country, our pensioners won't stand with their backs curled because I understand to treat them with respect. When I say with respect I am talking about concrete actions not hoaxes as you approach them. Romanian pensioners are no longer conned but are respected in the Liberal government. Only a mind and soul contorted as the Social Democrat's can say that dismantling the counters is a bad thing," the Labour Minister said. "Please take notes regarding what I am about to say of the results that I obtained in just a few months of mandate. Since my appointment I found a pension house full of issues, with tens of thousands of people that were waiting for pensioning decisions that weren't coming. You knew of all these things and you did not care. You sat in your positions comfortably, you waited for indemnities and you waited for time to pass. I worked enormously to substantially reduce the number of files with delays in issuing decisions and in recalculation decisions. You set the unions on me to insult me. You constantly insulted me on TV. You have no chance because I have the Romanians on my side. For them I will take the number of dossiers in recalculation to zero which was practically inconceivable in your time," said Alexandru. The plenum of the Senate is debating on Tuesday the simple motion initiated by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) against Labour Minister Violeta Alexandru titled "Stop the 'Lady in black' at the Ministry of Unemployment and Social Collapse".AGERPRES(RO - author: Andreea Marinescu, editor: Mariana Nica; EN - author: Razvan-Adrian Pandea, editor: Maria Voican)

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