Bulgaria's Health Minister: Mandatory Masks Only in Public Transport

Wearing a protective mask or scarves will be mandatory only in public transport, and in other indoor public places, such as shops or theaters - only recommended. This was announced by the Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev at a press conference, where he gave details about the extension of the emergency epidemic situation until the end of June.

The mitigation of the measure is taking place against the background of an increase in the number of infected people in recent days, as today they are over 100, but 35 of them are not reported by the unified information system for COVID-19.

There are reported 79 new infected people during the day, but in fact there is no submitted information from Smolyan district, where there is an outbreak of the infection, explained the National Operational Headquarters. "They will be uploaded in the morning and suddenly it will turn out that we have 35 more cases. They are not lost in the translation, just the hours of entering the information are like that," said staff member Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev.

Despite the data from recent days, the Minister of Health reported that the number of infected and dead from COVID-19 in Bulgaria is low compared to other countries and "this low level is due to the measures taken - in advance, and then by the government."

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