New Outbreak of COVID-19 in Two Companies in Stara Zagora

20 workers from two companies in Stara Zagora have tested positive for coronavirus, it became clear at a briefing of the Regional Anti-Epidemic Headquarters. Some of the people are from Nova Zagora. 11 are the cases on the territory of Stara Zagora region. 4 of the patients are in hospital, 3 have mild symptoms and are treated at home, four more are asymptomatic but with positive PCR tests.

It is not necessary to close the two enterprises, the head of RHI - Stara Zagora Dr. Stanimir Stankov was categorical. According to him, the cleaning measures taken correspond to the disinfection of operating rooms. The infection in both companies started from a man and a woman who worked in the companies, according to health experts. The 55-year-old woman had mild symptoms for a whole week. In her 18 years of service, she had never been on sick leave. She thought she was suffering from a summer virus and would recover. On Sunday, the worker felt unwell and was admitted to the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the University Hospital in Stara Zagora. Her condition is serious and she has already been intubated. Her husband worked as a fireman in the other company, which became a local outbreak.

Officials once again today refused to disclose the names of the companies. On the grounds that there is no need to cause additional panic.  

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