Week in Review: Dull Elections and Shaky Governments

Dull Race

Serbia is heading into a Parliamentary election on June 21, yet there has rarely been less excitement or political fervour around it. Perhaps hardly surprising given that there is even less doubt than usual as to who the winner will be, or indeed prospect for any change.

The bulk of the opposition is boycotting the elections, citing a lack of minimal democratic standards to make taking part meaningful. For the ruling SNS, the main challenge has - paradoxically - become how to ensure a semblance of opposition participation and presence in the next Parliament in order to ensure a veneer of democratic legitimacy for the next government.

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Taking Stock

As North Macedonia heads towards a Parliamentary election - the date of which is yet to be rescheduled - BIRN talks to Damjan Mancevski, the Information Society Minister in the outgoing government about the state of reforms in the media sector.

While agreeing that a lot more needs to be done - and will be done if his SDSM is re-elected - Mancevski also highlights some of the Zaev Government's achievements. We challenge him on some of the criticisms levelled against his government and plans for the future.

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Shaky Prospects

Avdullah Hoti. Photo: EPA/VALDRIN XHEMAJ

Kosovo has elected its second government this year, under the Premiership of Avdullah Hoti. The previous government of Albin Kurti lasted less than two months before suffering a vote of no confidence. What, then, are the prospects of the Hoti Government?

Not great would be the shortest answer...

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