Editorial: A daring economic policy ia needed!

The debate over the economy, recovery, and growth in the post-pandemic era is raging ahead of critical EU decisions on the amazing resources that are being mobilised for Europe to emerge stronger from the pandemic.

There is much talk about the need to change the country's productive model.

Some hope for digital and ecological leaps and bounds, and others simply look forward to a redistribution of wealth and transfer payments.

Few, however, look to the many domestic and foreign approaches to and experience with dealing with similar circumstances.

Even fewer speak of policies and measures with a political rather than economic cost that could remove the obstacles and dysfunctions of the economy and its markets and without additional resources bring about an environment and growth and job creation.

It has been observed internationally and especially in the usually dysfunctional Greek economy that wherever open and truly competitive markets were organised and growth was ensured better products were produced and of course more jobs were created.

The retail sector is where competition between supermarkets even amidst the pandemic and social distancing permitted the hiring of thousands of employees.

Then there is the previous example of the once monopoly telecoms market which when it was freed up offered better services as well as more and better jobs.

The same might have been said about the freeing up of the energy market had it not been for the usual dysfunctions and obstacles to freeing it up.

If one were to secure competitive conditions in tertiary education that would unleash a major growth of universities and open the way for Greek businesses to make inroads with creative and productive ideas.

The toxic...

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