Only 2% of Bulgarians Have Been Exposed to COVID-19

2% of all Bulgarians have been already infected with the novel coronavirus. In other words, the theory of achieving herd immunity is inapplicable in this country, the Chief State Health Inspector Associate Professor Angel Kunchev said.

The conclusion was made after the first mass testing for Covid-19 in Bulgaria's second largest city Plovdiv. 1,108 volunteers were selected to participate at the mass testing. The test is based on ELISSA method and has 99.99% reliability. It was made, in order to show the current picture of the spread of Covid-19 on a national level as well.

In Bergamo, Italy, an average of 57% of people have been exposed to the coronavirus, in Germany - 18% and in Austria - 5%.

Angel Kunchev explained that BGN 58,000 have been spent on the study so far, which is about 10 times less than the price of such studies in other countries.  

The results and analysis of the study will be published in scientific journals. It is made according to the requirements of the World Health Organization and is adapted to the conditions of Plovdiv. /BNR

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