See Which European Countries are Opening Their Borders Today

The European Commission has encouraged all internal border restrictions to be lifted as of today, but a relatively small number of countries have announced that they will reopen fully and without restrictions.

Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Switzerland and Germany are fully opening their borders as of today, with traffic police and officials not imposing restrictions on travelers.

The Czech Republic allows unlimited travel to and from 26 countries, but still prohibits citizens of Belgium, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom from entering its territory.

Greece has opened its borders and allows tourists to travel to more distant destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.

Italy has already opened its borders on June 3rd, as has Poland, which opened to EU passengers on June 13th.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the country would allow free travel with EU countries from June 21, with the exception of Portugal. However, Spain is allowing German tourists to visit the Balearic Islands today as part of a pilot scheme to rebuild its tourism sector. The border with Portugal remains closed until 1 July.

Austria will lift travel restrictions from today, but travelers from Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom are still barred from entering the country.

Sweden and Luxembourg have never closed their borders.

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