Sweden to lift travel curbs to Greece and nine other European countries from June 30

Sweden will lift its advice against non-essential travel to 10 European countries from June 30, the foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

The countries are Greece, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, France, Iceland, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

For other European countries the advice against non-essential travel will still apply. A recommendation against travel to countries outside the EU and the Schengen open-border zone - which groups most EU member states and some non-members - will be extended to Aug. 31.

"Just as in our previous decision, this is not based on the spread of contagion but on the uncertainty regarding quarantine rules or because there are no flights, trains and boats that will allow you to come back home (from certain countries)," Foreign Minister Ann Linde told a news conference.

The recommendation against travel to...

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