The Erimitis debate

My tweet about the development at Erimitis in Corfu seems to have offended many in Athens. That was never my intention, and for that I unreservedly apologize.

But the ferocity of the response to a single 120-letter tweet both in mainstream and social media implies that a non-Greek is not welcome to express opinions on any Greek matter, even if, as in my case, he is a Grecophile with a distinguished Greek step-grandfather and an almost 50-year association with this great country. I am therefore especially grateful to Kathimerini for providing me with this platform.

My criticism of the Erimitis development is not political, nor does it have anything to do with self-interest. It is based on trying to achieve what is best for the local people of this pristine area, many of whom I grew up alongside.

A place like Erimitis, whatever its local significance, will be...

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