Irresponsibility and nightlife

It's 3.30 a.m. at the Kasbah club and bar in Skala, Patmos. Europe's young and not-so-young are enjoying a well-deserved summer night of fun. From all over Europe they come - including France, Austria, Belgium, Italy and of course Greece. American accents are few and far between this year, wealthy Turks are nowhere to be seen, and the crowd smaller than in the past. Otherwise the "new normal" looks very much like the old one.

But local business owners and visitors alike are growing more worried by the day. Even though there are no confirmed Covid cases on the island, they see what is happening around them.

How much bad luck would it take for Patmos to become a kind of summer Ischgl, the unfortunate and now infamous Austrian ski resort? Last spring, in that town of just 1,500 people, one bar - Kitzloch - is now believed to have played a crucial role in spreading Covid...

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