Protests in Bulgaria, Day 26: The Blockades of Three Key Intersections in Sofia Remain

The 26th day of protests in Bulgaria continues with protesters demanding the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor, as well as the introduction of machine voting. In the capital city, 3 key intersections - Eagles' Bridge, the one near the Sofia University and the one between the Presidency and the Council of Ministers remain blocked by tent camps of protesters, BNR correspondent Daniel Inkov has reported.

Because of blockades, the routes of the public transport in the capital remain changed. Initiators of the protests from the so-called "Poison Trio" complained that their phones were being tapped.

The square in front of the Municipality of Varna is also expected to be blocked tonight. The blockade of the road between Stara Zagora and Haskovo, Southern Bulgaria, at the exit to the Trakia highway continues. The protest action started there at the end of the past week.

Bulgarians in Brussels, Prague, Birmingham, Sydney, Montreal and a number of other cities around the world are also organizing protests./BNR

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