Epidemiologist Kon: The situation is still uncertain, despite improvement in numbers

"As far as Belgrade is concerned, the suspicion of COVID infection is gradually decreasing. However, these numbers are still high and the situation is still uncertain despite the improvement," Kon said.
He once again repeated the allegations of the Prime Minister Ana Brnabi regarding the return of students to schools. He says more will be known on Tuesday.
"We have solved practically everything. There are certain technical issues related to the possibilities of some schools. What parents need to know, only a healthy child can go to school. It will be necessary to check the child's temperature before departure, so the schools will not be responsible for that", Kon said.
He also referred to the case of Michael Ojo, a former Red Star player who passed away.
"There is no evidence of a link between the coronavirus and the death of the athlete who recovered from it, this cannot be proven in one case," he said, adding that only clinicians can assess the effects of coronavirus on those who recover from COVID-19 infection.
Kon did not have an answer to the question why Dr Lejla erani, who was the only infectologist in Novi Pazar, was replaced.
Answering the question why the data on the number of cured people is not published, he says that it is probably because not all of them were collected.
"It is probably not published because not all the data has been collected. What I can say is that it is increasing and the number of cured patients is higher than the number of new cases," he said.
Regarding the situation with day care centers for children with autism, Kon emphasizes that this issue is "protracted for a long time and that there are no solutions for now", and that these centers should work like all other day care centers...

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