Protests in Bulgaria, Day 32: Three Key Crossroads Remain Blocked

The 32nd anti-government protest has started in Sofia. The three key crossroads - at Orlov Most, Sofia University and Nezavisimost Square, remain blocked.

Despite expectations that the police will remove the tents in the early hours of the day, the barricades in the center remain.

The people from the tents of "Orlov Most" told NOVA that they spent the night in peace. Pavel has been protesting since his early days. He expected law enforcement to set up tents.

"We expected to be treated as rebels, as provocateurs, as people ready to blow up civil peace, as determined by the SDVR. This is a peaceful protest, people. This disobedience is a demonstration of intransigence, "he added.

At the same time, the "Poison Trio" decided to make a road trip to "Kalotina". They were stopped by the traffic police because they were driving at a minimum speed.

And in the center of Sofia, the barricades created unexpected inconveniences for the people from the neighboring cooperatives. It turned out that their garbage containers were on the roadway, not in the places marked by the municipality.

There is another protest in Varna as well. There is currently no tension in the sea capital.

The demonstrators gathered in front of the municipal building around 6:30 pm. They are expected to march along the main boulevards. The police presence has increased.

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